16 Pronouns

We have already presented some pronouns in the french survival guide 1, because without them we would not be able to form complex sentences. However, there you only find personal pronouns. Now, we would like to turn to other pronouns that were not yet discussed in other chapters (like relative pronouns in chapter 11, possessive pronouns in french survival guide 1 and demonstrative pronouns in french surival guide 2).

You might have noticed in our examples that we used little helpers like y or en, or you might have wondered, why there is suddenly a le or a ce. This will be the chapter to discuss just these questions. Again the note that a person will have difficulties in remembering everything in detail. It just will be enough to have an overview and with time - here we are quite sure - you will find something like a feeling or an intuition that will help to find the correct forms without thinking about the rules. However, we now present the rules, so that you have a fall-back in case of doubts.

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