6.4 Demonstrative pronouns

Again we start to give a short overview about the function and the use of the demonstrative pronouns, later on we will come back to this topic and go into the details.

Functions of demonstrative pronouns
a) Demonstrative pronouns refer to something, of which we do not know the name (or we do not want to use it).
Imagine you are on a market place and want to buy a piece of cheese, of which you do not know the name, you point at it and say: I would like to have something of this/that.
b) Demonstrative pronouns are used to emphasise something.
This idiot! He always does, what he wants to.
c) The neutral form of the French demonstrative pronoun is a way to refer to a unknown or not-defined subject or context (probably this is the most common used function of the demonstrative pronouns).
This is weird. => complete context of phrase (That penguins shall hop on one leg, this is quite weird.)
I do not know this.
This is impossible.

The system is quite complicated, however, we will now have a closer look at it.

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