6.3.1 Some more details about cardinal numbers

The table on the previous page shows some specialties that we should have a look at in more detail.

Between tens and units there is a hyphen. After the hundred there is no hyphen. The difference is only in writing not in pronunciation.
cent cinquante-neuf
cent cinq

In eighty, quatre vingts, there is a s, which is omitted, when units follow.
quatre vingts
quatre vingt-cinq
quatre vingt-quinze

Stands the hundred alone, there is a s added, which is omitted, when tens or units follow.
trois cents
trois cent cinq
trois cent cinquante-trois

Follows an one after the ten, it is added with et until 80. Other units do not use the et.
quarante et un
quatre-vingt-un (without et)

The number one (un) has to match according to the gender of the noun, to which it refers.
cinquante et une femmes
cinquante et un hommes
trent et une maisons
trente et un arbres

The thousand does not have a plural s when standing alone.
deux mille
trois mille cinq cent trent-quatre

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