11 Relative clauses

11.1 Introduction

We have already shortly talked about relative clauses in french survival guide II. We have shown the more simple cases there to enable you to create a bit more complex structures. However, now we are going a bit more into details of relative pronouns and relative clauses. The basics are still the same: a relative pronoun refers to a noun or a context, mentioned earlier.

The boy that crosses the street, is my brother.

The relative pronoun that refers to the boy, which is described more in detail in the following clause.
Relative clauses are unfortunately a bit more complex, due to the following reasons:

a) There are competing systems of relative pronouns.
b) The function of a relative pronoun in a clause needs to be considered.
c) Relative pronouns can refer to a noun or to a context.
d) Relative pronouns are often used in connection with prepositions.

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