Position of pronouns - one conjugated verb

Is there only one conjugated verb, the pronoun is set before it. This is in opposite to the English rule, where the pronoun is set after the verbs.

Je le mange.
  I eat it.

Modal verbs and infinitive forms

Modals and their conjugation were already talked about in the chapter present tense. The modals are used in French as they are in English.

Personal pronoun + modal verb + full verb in infinitive form + object
Je peux nager.
I can swim.

Je dois écrire une lettre.
I must write a letter.

Je veux aller en Espagne.
I want to go to Spain.

The basic rule: the pronoun is put before the conjugated verb (see above) or, if there is an infinitive before the infinitive. With modals we have a conjugated verb and an infinitive. So, we put the pronoun ... right, before the infinitive:

Subject Modal verb Object Full verb
Je peux le voir.
  I can him see.
Je peux lui écrire.
  I can him write.
Nous pouvons la voir.
  I can her see.

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