Inversion with other types of questions

Inversion is also possible with the so-called open questions, asking for a situation. Here, we have different options: the inversion or the construction with est-ce que.

  Comment est-il possible, qu' il n' ait plus d'argent? How is it possible that he has no money anymore?
  (Comment est-ce qu'il est possible, qu'il n'ait plus d'argent?).
  Qui as-tu vu là-bas? Whom have you seen?
  (Qui est-ce que tu as vu là-bas?)
Quand vient-il? When does he come?
(Quand est-ce qu'il vient?)
Quelle pomme veux-tu? Which apple do you want?
(Quelle pomme est-ce que tu veux?)

However, the inversion is not possible, if the question refers to the subject of the sentence.

Qui frappe à la porte? Who knocks at the door??
or: Qui est-ce qui frappe à la porte?

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