Declination has no influence

The declination of a noun does not have an influence on the structure of the question. It does not matter, whether the pronoun is a nominative, dative/indirect object or accusative/direct object.

Jean vient à six heures. => Jean vient-il à six heures?
Jean come at six. => Does Jean come at six?
Il aime le café. => Aime-t-il le café?
He likes coffee. => Does he like coffee?
Il lui a donné l' argent. => Lui a-t-il donné l' argent?
He has given money to him. => Has he given money to him?
Jean vient à six heures.      => A quelle heure vient-il?
Jean comes at six. => At what time does he come? (asking for the time)
Jean vient à six heures.     => Qui vient à six heures?  
Jean comes at six. => Who comes at six? (asking for the subject)  

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