Some verbs change their meaning with the preposition - 2

Some verbs change their meaning depending on the preposition, this is a well known phenomenon of English as well, even though the verbs are mostly not the same.

Commençons par faire la vaiselle.
Let's wash the dishes first.  
Il a commencé à lire.
He started to read.  
Je me suis attendu à des problèmes, mais ceci était trop
I have expected problems, but this was too much.
Je l' ai attendu pendant deux heures.
I have waited for him for two hours.
Je pense pouvoir terminer demain.
I think I will be ready with this by tomorrow.
Je pense à faire ce qu' il a dit.
I intend to do, what he says.
J' ai fini par ne plus rien dire.
Finally I did not say anything anymore.
Cela fait déjà trois ans que j'ai fini de travailler.
It has been three years that I have stopped to work.

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