Some verbs change their meaning with the preposition.

Some verbs change their meaning depending on the preposition, this is a well known phenomenon of English as well, even though the verbs are mostly not the same.

Il se donne à son travail.
He dedicates himself to his work.
La chambre donne sur la rue.
The room is towards the street.
Il s' est donné beaucoup de peine.
He has given much effort to this.
Il m' a donné tout ce qu' il avait.
He gave me everything that he had.
Il s' est arrêté devant l' arbre.
He stopped before the tree.
Il n' arrête pas de m' agaçer.
He does not stop to annoy me.
Il faudrait mieux arrêter un moment pour prendre de l' air.
It would be better to stop for one moment to catch breath.
Il croit en elle.
He believes in her.
Je n' en croyais pas mes oreilles quand je l'ai entendu dire ça.
I did not believe my ears, when I heard him say this.
Il commence à travailler.
He starts working.
L' hiver commence.
The winter begins.
Il a commencé avec les rythmes latino-américains.
He started with Latinamerican rhythms.
Je n' arrive pas à traduire cette phrase.
I do not make it to translate this sentence.
Il n' arrive pas à l' heure prévue.
He does not arrive at the agreed time.

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