If the action of the infinitive has the same subject as the main phrase, only the infinitive construction is possible. In English it might be possible to form a sentence even with the conjunction 'that', however, the infinitive construction is regarded the better style.

Je préfére ne rien dire.
not possible: Je préfére, que je ne dis rien.
I prefer not to say anything.
I prefer that I do not say anything.
Je me permets de vous le dire.
not possible : Je me permets, que je vous le dis.
I permit myself to tell you.
I permit meyself that I tell you.
J' aime nager dans le lac.
not possible: J' aime que je nage dans le lac.
I like to swim in the lake.
I like that I swim in the lake.
Il m' a permis d'utiliser sa voiture.
not possible: Il m' a permis que j' utilise sa voiture.
He permitted my using his car.
He permitted that I use his car.
Il ne supporte pas de l'avoir perdu.
not possible: Il ne supporte pas que je l'ai perdu.
I cannot stand it to have lost it.
I cannot stand that I have lost it.

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