9.3.3 Use of French conditional

In English we have a conditional that is formed with a modal verb (would/should), in French it is an own form. The use of both is quite similar.

  Use of French conditional
1) in the "consequence"-part of a conditional clause expressing something not (yet) real
Si j' avais de l' argent, je m' achèterais une voiture.
If I had money, I would buy a car.
2) in the situation of looking from a past point of view into the future
Je pensais qu' il viendrait.
I thought, he would come.
3) to express politeness
Je voudrais parler à Monsieur Gide.
I would like to talk to Mr. Gide.
4) if the condition is not said aloud
Moi, je lui dirais ce qui s' est passé (si j' étais à ta place.)
I would tell him, what happened (if I was in your place).

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