9.3.2 The conditionnel passé

The Conditional II (conditionnel passé) describes a hypothetical action as completed. To form the conditionnel passé the conditional form of the auxiliary is used with the perfect participle. Again, we have to be aware of the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs.

conditionnel passé
transitive verbs intransitive verbs
j' aurais mangé I would have eaten je serais venu(e) I would have come
tu aurais mangé you would have eaten tu serais venu(e) you would have come
il aurait mangé he would have eaten il serait venu he would have come
elle aurait mangé she would have eaten elle serait venue she would have come
nous aurions mangé we would have eaten nous serions venu(e)s we would have come
vous auriez mangé you would have eaten vous seriez venu(e)s you would have come
ils auraient mangé they would have eaten ils seraient venus they would have come
elles auraient mangé they would have eaten elles seraient venues they would have come

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