3.5 Formation of the plural of the adjectives

We have already said that the adjectives have to be adjusted to the gender and number of the nouns, they refer to. Then it is logical that there are always four forms of an adjective:
Singular - masculine; singular - feminine, plural - masculine; plural - feminine

The pronunciation of the plural is mostly identical with the singular, which makes things easier. The plural form of the feminine form is also easy, because it is formed by adding an -s.

Example feminine plural forms
une femme heureuse
  des femmes heureuses
  a woman happy
une femme contente
  des femmes contentes
  a woman content
une femme indulgente
  des femmes indulgentes
  a woman noble
une femme jalouse
  des femmes jalouses
  a woman jealous
une vieille femme
  des vieilles femmes
  an old woman
une femme italienne
  des femmes italiennes
  a woman Italian

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