20.1.3 Telling the date with prepositions

Telling the date in French is quite similar to English, in French we use the article when in English just the date is mentioned.


Mon anniversaire est le 21 juillet. = My birthday is July 21.

Le premier mai est un jour de fête. = May 1 is a public holiday.
Tu dois te réserver le 18 octobre pour moi. = You must reserve October 18 for me.

When using prepositions in French then they are used as in any other sentence together with the article le, referring to the months. As always de + le becomes du, à + le becomes au.

  Examples with du and au

A partir du 15 août, je suis en vacances.
= Starting August 15, I will be on holidays.

Tout doit être près avant le 21 juillet
= Until July 21, everything must be ready.
Du 12 juillet au 30 août, je ne suis pas au bureau.
= From July 12 to August 30, I will not be in office.
Après le 22 mai, je ne fais plus rien.
= After May 22, I will not do anything anymore.
Il ne vient pas avant le 28 février.
= Before February 28, he will not come.

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