19.1.2 Construction with est-ce que

First we would like to have a look at the yes/no-questions with est-ce que. However, we can already now tell you that all kinds of questions can be formed with the construction with est-ce que.

  ¿Est-ce qu' il vient? Does he come?
  ¿Qu' est-ce que tu veux? What do you want? (What is it, what you want?)
  ¿Qui est-ce que tu vois? Whom do you see? (Who is it, whom you see?)
  ¿Qui est -ce qui l' a dit? Who has said so? (Who is it, who has said so?)
  ¿Qu' est-ce qui te plaît? What do you like? (What is it, what you like?)
  ¿Quand est-ce qu' il vient? When does he come? (When is it that he comes?)

We will come back to the open questions later on. Now, please have a short look at the construction:
You take a simple declarative clause and put est-ce que in the beginning, quite easy, don't you think?

  Est-ce que tu l' as vu? Non. Have you seen him? No. (Is it that you have seen him? No.)
  Est-ce que tu as déjà mangé? Have you already eaten? (Is it that you have already eaten?)

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