16.4 Anticipation and referrence to contexts

In the following you can see that it is possible and sometimes necessary to have an anticipation of a following context, and sometimes it is a reference that happens after the context was mentioned. Let's have some examples to make it clearer.

Example with anticipation of the context
In some cases French sentences (may) use a pronoun to emphasize certain facts, in the following example the is an additional "l".
Mais je te l' ai dit que c' est quelqu' un de complètement stupide!
But I have told (it to) you that he is someone totally stupid!  
(backwards) referrence of the context  
Here we use the pronominal adverbs as seen in chapter 16.3  
Est-ce que tu as assez d' argent? Oui, j' en ai assez.
Do you have enough money? Yes, I have enough (of it).  

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