14.4 Simple French adverbs - 2

There are not too many of simple French adverbs, however they are used quite often.

Simple French adverbs - 2
mal = bad, wrong

Ça c' est pas mal passé .

  This went wrong.
exprès = deliberately
Il l' a fait exprès.
  He did it deliberately.
aujourd' hui = today
Aujourd' hui il a plu toute la journée.
  Today it has rained all day.
demain = tomorrow
Demain il fera beau.
  Tomorrow it will be nice.
hier = yesterday
Hier il a fait froid.
  Yesterday it was cold.
bientôt = soon
Bientôt tout sera fini.
  Soon everything will be finished.
longtemps = long (time)
J' ai longtemps parlé avec lui.
  I talked to him for a long time.
encore = still
Je vis encore.
  I still live.
ne ... plus = not ... anymore
Je n' ai plus d' argent.
  I do not have any more money.
ne..guère = hardly
Nous n' avons guère parlé.
  We have hardly talked.

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