14.4 Simple French adverbs

There are not too many of simple French adverbs, however they are used quite often.

Simple French adverbs
très = very
C' est très bien.
  This is very good.
Il court très vite.
  He runs very fast.
trop = too (much, many)
Il mange trop.
  He eats too much.
Il y a trop de monde dans la rue.
  There are too many people in the street.
assez = enough
C' est assez.
  This is enough.
Il a gagné assez d' argent.
  He has earned enough money.
C' est assez dit ! On discutera d' un autre problème..
  This is enough said! Let's talk about another problem.
peu = little
Il est peu probable qu' il puisse finir avant minuit.
  It is little likely that he will be ready before midnight.
beaucoup = much, many
Il lit beaucoup.
  He reads much.
Il lit beaucoup de livres.
  He reads many books.

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