14.12 Trop = too (much)

If we are talking about abundancy, we have of some things too much, or we are too late or we speak about being too slowly. In French this little 'too' is trop.

too = trop
Ça c' était trop cher. = This was too expensive.
Mon chien cours trop lentement. = My dog runs too slowly.

There is one exception: too much. Here, beaucoup is omitted:

too much = trop
Il mange beaucoup. = He eats much.
Il mange trop. = He eats too much.
Il dépense beaucoup d' argent. = He spends much money.
Il dépense trop d' argent. = He spends too much money.

trop can also be used in a predicative or attributive manner.

too much = trop
Ça c' était trop. = This was too much.
C' était un mot de trop. = This was one word too much.

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