14.11 Très (very) and beaucoup (many, much)

Very (très) and much (beaucoup) can be combined in English, but not in French.

He talks very much.
Il parle trop. Not: Il parle très beaucoup.

There is only one exception to the rule: very = très and many, much = beaucoup. French does not have differenciation between many and much.

Ça me plaît beaucoup.
I like this very much.

trés = very; beaucoup = many, much
C' est très bien.
  This is very good.
Il court très vite.
  He runs very fast.
Vous parlez très bien le français.
  You speak French very well.
Il mange beaucoup.
  He eats much.
Il parle beaucoup.
  He talks much.
Elle voyage beaucoup.
  She travels much.

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