8.4.9 Exercise 9: Subjonctif after superlatives

With superlative usually one would express a personal evaluation. However, the possibilities are huge between something objective and subjective. Therefore, the superlative can often be used with indicatif or subjonctif.

a) This is the most stupid thing that could happen to me.
C' est la chose la plus bête qui puisse m' arriver.
b) This is the highest building that has ever been built.
C' est le bâtiment le plus grand qui a été jamais construit.

The second sentence shows something quite objective, therefore the indicatif is used. The first sentence is more a subjective evaluation, therefore the subjonctif is used.

Choose the correct option
The is the worst thing that could happen to me.
C' est la pire des choses, qui m' arriver.
This is the only man, who can answer my questions.
C' est le seul homme, qui répondre à mes questions.

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