8.4.7 Exercise 7: Subjonctif in relative clauses

Please not that there is difference between a relative clause and a conditional clause:

a) Je cherche une femme, qui soit sympa.
I am looking for a woman that is nice.
b) Si je trouve une femme, qui est sympa, je vais me marier avec elle.
If I find a woman that is nice, I will marry her.

Choose the correct option.
I am looking for a man, who is attractive, rich, charmant and intelligent.
Je cherche un homme qui beaux, riche, charmant et intelligent.
There are no rules that are always valid.
Il n' existe pas de règles qui toujours valables.
There was nobody, who could tell me what one had to do.
Il n' y avait personne qui me dire ce qu' il fallait faire.
It is impossible to find someone, who is capable of answering me.
Il n' est pas possible de trouver quelqu' un qui capable de me répondre.
I would like to eat something that is not too fatty.
J' aimerais manger quelque chose qui ne pas trop gras.
There was nothing that I would have liked.
Il n' y avait rien qui m' plu.
You (all) have nothing that could interest us.
Vous n' avez rien qui nous intéresser.
I need a car that is not too expensive.
Il me faut une voiture qui ne pas trop cher.
There was nobody, who had seen the accident.
Il n' y avait personne qui vue l' accident.
There is no book that he has read till the end.
Il n' y a aucun livre qu' il lu jusqu' à la fin.

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