8.3.6 Verbs and phrases that do NOT require the subjonctif Verbs: espérer, croire, supposer, penser

One could think that all verbs expressing insecurity require the subjonctif. Unfortunately, things are not as easy as this. There is a number of verbs (and phrases) that are used - in affirmative sentences - with the indicatif-mood even though they express insecurity to some degree.
These verbs are: espérer (to hope), croire (to believe), supposer (to suppose), penser (to think)
However, when using these verbs in negated sentences, the subjonctif is to be used.

J' espère qu' il est capable de le faire.
  I hope that he is capable of doing it.
Je n' espère pas qu' il soit capable de le faire.
  I do not hope that he is capable of doing it.

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