8.3.1 The subjonctif after verbs of wanting, wishing and desire

vouloir = to want
Nous voulons que vous partiez.
  We want that you leave.
désirer = to wish
Je désire que ce soit vrai.
  I wish that this was true.
aimer = to love, to like
J' aime qu' ils me disent toujours la vérité.
  I like it that they always tell me the truth.
exiger = to demand
Il exige que vous partiez tout de suite.
  He demands that you (all) / you (formal) leave immediately.
plaire = to like
Ça me plaît qu' il prépare toujours le petit déjeuner.
  I like it that he always prepares the breakfast.
préférer = to prefer
Je préfère qu' il le fasse lui-même.
  I prefer that he does it himself.
souhaiter = to wish
Je souhaite qu' il fasse plus attention à ce qui se passe autour de lui.
  I wish that he would pay more attention to what happens around him.

As you can see there are only little changes in the English verbs (only with to wish), and some more in the French verbs.

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