6.1.4 Negation with not anybody / nobody - ne ... personne

The negation with nobody is formed the same way all the other negations are constructed. There is the negative particle ne and the supplememnt personne. Here we have one exception to the rule, where to put the negation. Usually it encloses the first conjugated verb. Constructions with personne enclose the complete verbal construction.

Je ne vois personne.
  I do not see anybody. - I see nobody.
Je n' ai parlé avec personne.
  I have not talked to anybody. - I have talked to nobody.
Je ne l' ai donné à personne.
  I have not given it to anybody. - I have given it to nobody.
Nous ne pouvons le dire à personne.
  We cannot tell it to anybody. - We can tell it to nobody.

The position of the personal pronouns is not influenced by this negation.

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