Position of personal pronouns in negative clauses

The position of personal pronouns is not influenced by a negation. This means that the personal pronouns are still before the first conjugated verb or, if there is an infinitive, before the infinitive.

Je le vois. Je ne le vois pas.
    I seem him. I do not see him.
  Tu le connais. Tu ne le connais pas.
    You know him. You do not know him.
  Je le lui dis. Je ne le lui dis pas.
    I tell it to him. I do not tell it to him.
  Je le lui ai dit. Je ne le lui ai pas dit.
    I have told it to him. I have not told it to him.
  Je l'ai vu. Je ne l'ai pas vu.
    I have seen him. I have not seen him.
  Je lui ai écrit. Je ne lui ai pas écrit.
    I have written to him. I have not written to him.
  Je peux lui écrire. Je ne peux pas lui écrire.
    I can write to him. I cannot write to him.
  Je veux le faire. Je ne veux pas le faire.
    I want to do it. I do not want to do it.

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