5 French Survival Guide - First sentences

All the things we have discussed so far serve only the preparation to be able to speak. This is the actual aim of this, to speak French on complete sentences. Some, we have already learned and very likely you will not starve to death in France, if you go there now. One good reason for this is that you have seen how to pronounce words and that many, many words are similar to English, just with a different pronunciation.

Further, you have heard about the articles, gender and number of nouns and the flexion of adjectives. We have also seen verbs in present tense. To get this all together we need a few more things, prepositions, participles etc. We go through all this very quickly to just give you an overview. The didactical idea is to deepen the knowledge later on. However, to be able to get along a rough overview will do for a start.

This survival guide shall give you a first glance at the main points in French grammar, and it shall enable you to form first sentences, including verbs, prepositions and the correct declination of personal pronouns.

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