5.5.2 à = to, at, in

The preposition à is already known, because it is used to form the indirect object. This way we already know one meaning of it. It seems, however, that this preposition is the mostly used preposition in French and has many different meanings.

à to form the indirect object

Je le donne à mon frère.
I it give to my brother.

Il a vendu sa maison à son ami.
He has sold his house to his friend.

à = in

Il habite à Berlin.
He lives in Berlin.

à = at

Il vient à six heures.
He comes at six o'clock.

à = to (spacial meaning)

Il va au théâtre.
He goes to the theatre.

Il va à la gare.
He goes to the station.

Il va au jardin.
He goes to the garden.

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