5.3 Formation of the perfect particple

We have already mentioned that this is the french survival guide, which means that we have an overview about all the relevant topics that will enable you to speak French within a short time.One of the important topics is the formation of the perfect particple, because we need it to form several tenses. One of them is the passé composé. Later on we will go into the details.
To form the perfect participle we differentiate between verbs ending in -er, -ir, -re or in -oir, and within these groups again we have to see the regular and the irregular verbs.

Formation of the perfect particple of regular verbs
Verbs ending in -er Verbs ending in - ir Verbs ending in -oir Verbs ending in -re
stem + é stem + i stem + u stem + u
manger => mangé finir => fini vouloir => voulu battre => battu
  to eat => eaten   to finish => finished   to want => wanted   to beat => beaten
  parler => parlé choisir => choisi voir => vu conclure => conclu
  to speak => spoken   to choose => chosen   to see => seen   to conclude => concluded
  fumer => fumé dormir => dormi recevoir => reçu    
  to smoke => smoked to sleep => slept   to receive => received  
  penser => pensé sentir => senti apercevoir => aperçu    
  to think => thought   to feel => felt   to perceive => perceived  

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