Written and pronounced irregularly

Sometimes the vowel in the stem changes:

e changes to ie
e => ie

There is a change in the vowel and in the pronunciation. In addition the 3rd person plural the consonant doubles. Quite a lot of changes, but you will get the pattern of this, surely.

Personal pronoun venir (to come) soutenir (to sustain) contenir (to contain)
  je viens soutiens contiens
  tu viens soutiens contiens
  il / elle vient soutient contient
  nous venons soutenons contenons
  vous venez soutenez contenez
  ils / elles viennent soutiennent contiennent

Another change in vowels with actually only one verb having this specialty is the following:

u changes to eu in writing and to oe in pronunciation

Personal pronoun mourir (to die)
  je meurs
  tu meurs
  il / elle meurt
  nous mourons
  vous mourez
  ils / elles meurent

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