Written irregularly, minimal difference in pronunciation

We would like to give some examples for possible changes. There are too many of them that we cannot give them all. However, we are sure that it will be easily learned, because soon it feels natural to you to do it this way. One of the possible changes is the sound of the vowel:

tubby e to open e

Usually there is one t that is doubled, after which the tubby e is changed to an open, bright e.

jeter to throw projeter to project cacheter to seal
  je jette I throw je projette I project je cachette I seal
  tu jettes you throw tu projettes you project tu cachettes you seal
  il jette he throws il projette he projects il cachette he seals
  elle jette she throws elle projette she projects elle cachette she seals
  nous jetons we throw nous projetons we project nous cachetons we seal
  vous jetez you throw vous projetez you project vous cachetez you seal
  ils jettent they throw ils projettent they project ils cachettent they seal
  elles jettent they throw elles projettent they project elles cachettent they seal

closed e to open e

céder to cede célébrer to celebrate conférer to award
  je cède I cede je célèbre I celebrate je confère I award
  tu cèdes you cede tu célèbres you celebrate tu confères you award
  il cède he cedes il célèbre he celebrates il confère he awards
  elle cède she cedes elle célèbre she celebrates elle confère

she awards

  nous cédons we cede nous célébrons we celebrate nous conférons we award
  vous cédez you cede vous célébrez you celebrate vous conférez you award
  ils cèdent they cede ils célèbrent they celebrate ils confèrent they award
  elles cèdent they cede elles célèbrent they celebrate elles confèrent they award

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