3.7.9 Exercise 9: Singular and plural forms

Decide whether to use articles or not

  Take into consideration:  
reduced preposition + articles
  des = de + les
  du = de +le
  d' = de (before vowel and not-aspirated mute h)
  Exercise 9
Il a peu amis.
He has few   friends
Il a amis.
He has   friends.
Il se nourrit café.
He   subsists of coffee.
Il boit café.
He drinks   coffee.
Il mange fruits.
He eats   fruits.
Il mange beaucoup fruits.
He eats many   fruits.
Il a assez argent pour voyager.
He has enough   money to travel.
Il lui faut argent.
He needs     money.
Il a bu trop vin.
He has drunk too much   wine
Il a eu un tas problèmes.
He has had a bunch of problems.
Elle a vraiment eu chance.
She has really had   luck.
Il y a solutions pour tout.
There   are   solutions for everything.
Il y a un group personnes devant le magazin.
There   are a group of people in front of the shop

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