3.4 Adjectives

The adjective gives a more detailed description to a noun.

A red car.
The little man.
His soft voice.

There are two different ways of using an adjective, in an attributive or a predicative way. In praxis this means that the adjective is used together with (attributive) or without (predicative) a noun.

Attributive use
Le jeune homme dort.
  The young man sleeps.
Il a une petite maison.
  He has a little house.
Il aime les bons vins.
  He likes the good wines.

Predicative use
La maison est grande.
  The house is big.
Les voitures sont chères.
  The cars are expensive.
Le temps est mauvais.
  The weather is bad.

This all does not sound too bad. Now, here comes the clou: In French there is a differentiation also in the adjective regarding the gender and the number of the noun. We will discuss this more in detail in the following chapter.

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