Prefixed adjectives

The following adjectives are usually put before the noun that is described in detail. These adjectives are called prefixed adjectives:

jeune (young), vieux (old)    
un jeune homme un vieil homme
  a young man   an old man
petit (small), grand (big)    
un petit jardin un grand jardin
a small garden   a big garden
bref (short), long (long)    
un bref moment un long moment
a short moment   a long moment
bon (good), mauvais (bad)    
un bon vin un mauvais vin
a good wine   a bad wine
beau (beautiful)
un beau chemin une belle maison
a beautiful way   a beautiful hose
BUT: laide (ugly) is put after!!    
un chemin laid une maison laide
an ugly way   an ugly house

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