No article after quantity specifications

After quantity specifications no articles are used.

Adverbs of quantities    
Il a assez d' argent pour s' acheter une voiture.
  He has enough of money to buy a car.
He has enough money to buy himself a car.
Il a autant de courage que toi.
  He has as much of courage as you.
He has as much courage as you have.
Il a beaucoup de livres    
  He has many of books    
He has many books.
Il a peu d' amis.    
  He has little of friends.    
He has few friends.
Il a énormement d' argent.    
  He has enormously of money    
He has a lot of money.
Il a autant de pommes que toi.
  He has as many of apples as you.
He has as many apples as you have.

This also applies to certain quantities like litres, kilograms, pieces, packages etc.

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