Forms of the definite articles

Following the basic forms of the definite articles

The basic forms of the articles
la femme the woman feminine, singular
le garçon the boy masculine, singular
les femmes the women feminine, plural
les garçons the boys masculine, plural

The articles are

Let's have a look at some examples:

feminine singular feminine plural masculine singular masculine plural
la femme
(the woman)
les femmes
(the women)
le garçon
(the boy)
les garçons
(the boys)
  la table
(the table)
les tables
(the tables)
le couteau
(the knife)
les couteaux
(the knives)
  la fille
(the girl)
les filles
(the girls)
le pantalon
(the trousers*)
les pantalons
(the trousers)
  la maison
(the house)
les maisons
(the houses)
le couple
(the couple)
les couples
(the couples)
  la ville
(the town)
les villes
(the towns)
le chien
(the dog)
les chiens
(the dogs)
  la voiture
(the car)
les voitures
(the cars)
le rat
(the rat)
les rats
(the rats)
  la chaise
(the chair)
les chaises
(the chairs)
le chemin
(the way)
les chemins
(the ways)

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