2.8.6 Exercise 6: Dark and bright a

The difference between a dark and a bright a is not easy to distinguish. Just keep in mind that the difference is not the length of the vowel. However, in the end it will not lead to misunderstandings. Try to solve the next exercise.

A short repetition of the phonetic script:

bright short a dark long a

Decide whether in the following words the vocals are a bright or 'a' dark 'a'.  
rat (rat)
chat (cat)
phrase (phrase)
éclater (to burst)
âme (soul)
casser (to break)
patte (paw)
amer (bitter)
ami (friend)
bagnole (car)
château (castle)
matinal (morning)
image (image)
lâcheté (cowardness)
bavure (stain)
phase (phase)
bâtir (to construct)
bavard (talkative)
coupable (guilty)
fiable (reliable)
pâte (dough)
effacer (to delelte)

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