2.7 Summary - 1

We intended to present the great variety of French phoneme to you. The author thinks we have managed quite well. Further, we presented the phonetic script, which will help you in the future to know how to pronounce a word when looking it up in the dictionary (until the day the dictionaries are able to speak the words for you). By the way, when you know the phonetic script you can pronounce any word in any language, so this is an investment for the future ;-).

Following a summary of the vowels, since they seem to be the most problematic:

The oe's:

closed and open oe, tubby e
graphemes: eu, œ
examples: peu, nœud
graphemes: eu, œ
examples: seul, cœur
graphemes: e
examples: le, que, ce

The o's:

Open, closed and nasal o
graphemes: o, (u, oo)
examples: pomme, album, alcool
graphemes: o, ô, eau
examples: pot, dôme, velo, bateau
graphemes: on, om
examples: son, pompe

The e's vs oe's:

Open, closed and tubby e
graphemes: e, é, ee
examples: léger, écume
graphemes: e, è, ê
examples: père, sec, neige
graphemes: e
examples: je, se, te

nasal open e
grapheme: un, im, in, ain
examples: lapin, un, imposible

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