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  2.2 Single sounds in detail

We will now have a closer look at the sounds in detail. Especially those sounds we will check that are a bit difficult.

One short note regarding the spelling. Combinations of vowels and m or n are graphemes for nasal sounds.

en envers (towards), envergure (span, spread), enchanté (delighted)
an antenne (antenna), antique (antique), pantalons (trousers)
on onze (eleven), ongle (fingernail)
un un (one)
in insolent (brazen), intéressant (interesting)

em emploi (employ), emprunter (to loan, to borrow), emballer (to pack up)
am ambassadeur (ambassador), ambitieux (ambitious)
om ombrage (canopy of leaves), ombre (shadow)
im impossible (impossible), incroyable (unbelievable)

Is there another vowel or another m or n after such a combination (en, an, on, in, un) then the vowel is not a nasal sound.


en énervant (enervating), ennemie (enemy), énorme (huge)
an anniversaire (birthday), anodin (harmless), annotation (annotation), annonce (advert)
on onéreux (expensive)
om omission (omission), omnipotence (omnipotence), omettre (to omit)

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