explanation vocabulary / grammar video show / hide The nasal sounds

In the following we have collected word couples that only differ in the nasal sound. Please, pay attention to the differences, because the nasal sounds can change the meaning in word. That does not necessarily mean that one cannot understand you anymore. However, at some point you probably would like to be able to do it the right way. For now it is only important that you hear the difference, and that you are aware of the problem.

(Ils) vont vent
(they) go wind
dont dans
of what in
pont (il) pend
bridge (he) hangs
coupons coupant
coupon cutting
maçon massant
mason massaging
vin vent
wine wind
peindre pondre
to paint to lay (eggs)
bon banc
good bank
sont sent
(they) are (he/she) feels
sens seins
(I) feel bosom

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