17.2.2 Specialty - the verb vouloir

It might sound a bit strange to have the verb vouloir (to want) in imperativ form. Somebody else is ordering me or you or anybody to want something. Therefore, the translation used in the table was may xxx.

May you be happy until the end of the days.

It sounds quite outdated, but what is outdated in English is quite the standard polite form in French.

Vous êtes priés de bien vouloir vous rendre à la réception.
  You are asked to go to the reception.
(You are asked to want to go to the reception.)

Si vous êtes intéressés, veuillez me contacter.

  If you are interested, may you contact me.
Veuillez me renseigner s'il vous plait, si vous avez des informations au sujet de cette école.
  May you please contact me, if you would like to have information about this school.

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