16.5.5 Specialty in the position of pronouns with verbs of senses

No rule without exception. With verbs describing senses (écouter = to listen, entendre = to hear, to understand, regarder = to look, sentir = to feel, to tasteund voir = to see) the basic rule is simplified. The pronoun is put before the first conjugated verb (not before the infinitive).

Je les ai vues venir.* = I have seen them (the women) come.
Je l' ai vu faire des choses bizarres.* = I have seen him do strange things.
Nous l' avons vue s' approcher.* = We have seen them (the women) approach.
Nous l' avons sentie s' énerver.* = We have felt her getting upset.

* Please remember, what we have discussed in the chapter participle / gerund: the perfect participle has to match in gender and number the accusative/direct object pronoun, if it is put before the participle.

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