Learn verbs with preposition and kind of object

When studying French verbs it is useful to learn the verb including the preposition and the kind of object it uses. Even though the thumb rule works quite well: persons are usually indirect objects, non-living things are direct objects (however, this is only a rough rule, that does not always work).

donner quelque chose à quelqu' un
  to give something to someone
Je lui donne les clés.
  I give him the keyes. (him = indirect object; the keys = direct object)

There are some examples that do not work this way:

  chercher quelqu' un
    to look for someone
  Je t' ai cherché(e) partout. (person => direct object)
    I was looking for you everywhere.
  Je l' aide à résoudre ce problème. (person => direct object)
  I help him to solve the problem.
  Je le remercie de m'avoir appelé(e). (person => direct object)
    I thank him to have called me.
  Je l' ai prié de le faire.
    I asked him to do it.

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