Comparison of French adverbs

Comparison of French adverbs
plus + adverb + que (superiority)
Il court plus vite que lui.
  He runs faster than he (does).
aussi + adverb + que (equality)
Il court aussi vite que lui.
  He runs as fast as he (does).
moins + adverb + que (subordination)
Il court moins vite que lui.
  He runs less fast as he.

Other examples without mentioning the compared object
Maintenant que nous avons du temps, nous pouvons y réfléchir plus tranquillement.
  Now that we have time, we can talk about it more quietly.
Après il nous a expliqué plus précisément ce qu' il a voulu dire.
  Later, he explained to us more precisely what he wanted to say.
Le long fleuve tranquille ne coulera plus tranquillement.
  The long, calm river will no longer run so quietly.

Also with adverbs the comparison uses the unconnected personal pronouns after the que.

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