14.7 Perfectly irregular adverbs

Some of the very often used adverbs are completely irregular.

rapide = fast (adjective)
vite = fast (adverb)

In the case above with the adjective rapide, there is also a regular adverb rapidement, but it seems that vite is much more often used.

Example (check in google)
Il court rapidement. (79 hits)
Il court vite. (1690 hits)
Il le fait rapidement. (76 hits)
Il le fait vite. (100 hits)

There are other examples of irregular adverbs:

bon, bonne = good
bien = well
C' est bien dit.
  This is well said.

Talking about bon and bien we come to a often discussed question:

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen diesen beiden Sätzen?
C' est bien.
C' est bon.

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