14.6 Derived adverbs

Derived adverbs are adverbs that were formed from other words, in French it is mostly the adjective. When thinking about an example for a derived adverb, which was formed from a noun it seems that there are very few.

The regular way to form a derived adverbs is the same in all Roman languages. You take the feminine form of the adjective and add the ending -ment.

masc. form fem. form adverbs example
  heureux heureuse heureusement Heureusement personne n' était blessé.
happy luckily Luckily nobody was injured.  
  complet complète complètement Il est complètement fou.
complete completely He is completely crazy.  
  sérieux sérieuse sérieusement Il était sérieusement malade.
serious seriously He is seriously ill.  
  facile facile facilement On peut se tromper facilement.
easy easily One can easily be wrong.  
  tranquille tranquille tranquillement Tranquillement, il a bu son verre de vin rouge.
calm calmly Calmly, he drank his red wine.  
  courageux courageuse courageusement Il a lutté courageusement.
courageous courageously He fought courageously.  

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