14.1.1 Simple adverbs

Adjective <=> adverbs
Only adverb
He has visited her very often.
Il l' a visitée très souvent.
adverbs identical with adjective
  The fast cars use much gasoline. (adjective)
Les voitures rapides consomment beaucoup d' essence.
  He runs fast. (adverb)
Il court vite.
  Rein technisch gesehen würde es funktionieren.
D' un point de vue purement technique, cela devrait marcher.

As in English also in French there are adjectives that are identical with the adverb.

Adjektive <=> adverbs
Ça coûte cher. = This is expensive (this costs expensively).
Il travaille dur. = He works hard. (hard = adverb); We need hard facts. (hard = adjective)

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