13.38 chez = at (only with persons and animals)

Chez is only used with living being. It can be translated with to or at. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to know, when to use it or not. First some clear examples.

Pendant les vacances, il va chez sa mère.
  During the vacations he goes to his mother.
Il est allé tout droit chez le maire.
  He went directly to the mayor.
Chez les Afghans, on mange par terre.
  Afghans eat on the floor.

To be clear, sometimes it is necessary to use another construction.

  a) He went towards him. / He approached him.
Il s' est approché de lui.
  b) He went to him.
Il est allé chez lui.

a) means a movement, b) can mean a lot, the approach as well as that he went to him to stay overnight or to do whatever.

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