13.12 hors de = out of

Hors de is not used as a "stand-alone-preposition", but often it is used as part of a certain phrase or idiom.

  hors de = out of
  hors de question = out of question
Il est hors de question de renoncer à cet argent.
    It is out of question to runciate the money.
  hors de danger = out of danger
  Maintenant il est hors de danger.
    He is now out of danger.
  hors de contexte = out of context
  Hors de contexte, on ne peut pas savoir ce que ça veut dire.
    Out of the context on cannot know, what it means.
  hors de propos = out of turn
  Ce qu' il a dit, était hors de propos.
    What he says, was out of turn.
  hors d' haleine = out of breath
  Après avoir couru dix kilomètres, il était hors d' haleine.
    After having run 10 kilometer, he was out of breath.

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