11.5.4 With any other preposition than de

When non-living things are referred with any other preposition than de only laquelle / lequel / lesquels / lesquelles can be used.

L' idee pour laquelle il s'est battu toute sa vie s' est revelée être une stupidité.
  The idea for which he has fought all his life turned out to be nonsense.
La table sur laquelle il s' est assis, s' est effondrée.
  The table on which he has seated himself broke down.
Il ne pouvait pas trouver l' église, devant laquelle ils voulaient se rencontrer.
  He could not find the church in front of which they wanted to meet.

With persons we have already seen that mostly also preposition + qui is also possible, see also chapter 11.2.2.

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